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ORC Week 7 and some Magic

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

I’ve realized that this living room transformation has really helped me in many ways. It helped me to feel less overwhelmed with Vienna’s toys everywhere. I always felt like I was experiencing a sensory overload when I saw her toys strewn all over the floor (and I sometimes still do). Since being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, I am understanding the sources of my anxiety and hyperactivity. The need for keeping my hands busy is really important for me as well as my surroundings feeling aesthetically pleasing to my eye. Making this living room playful, pink and gold has given me a sense of calm amongst the chaos.

It has allowed me to tap into my inner child. The child that used design to cope with her parents divorce. Wherever I was, whoever’s house I was at, I wanted to rearrange and decorate. I would clean and move things around at my Dad's house on weekends, and at home I made my room my sanctuary with posters, love beads, pink walls and Barbies on the shelves (the picture below is pre pink- that room saw extreme changes in the many years of laying my head there).

This project on the closet doors gave me another feeling, this time of magic. Using only bbq skewers, spray paint and hot glue, these sunburst designs make it feel more feminine, eclectic, regal and magical among other words that make sense to me and how I feel.

Design is subjective. It evokes a feeling of nostalgia, of the present, and of the future. It is who you are at the moment. At this moment of my life, I see magic everywhere I go through the eyes of my child. It is only fitting that my home feels the same.

How can you create magic in your home?

Week 7 of ORC is all about the final details for me. I can start to finally breathe again. I have a lot of writing to do on the blog and tidy up loose ends and small craft projects with flower pots and Vienna's play kitchen that will probably take me the next week and a half to finish. But I can see the end in sight.

The magic I dreamt up in my head at the start of this journey has calmed my senses and created peace for me in this room. I hope you can find peace in your home too. 💕

Reminder: The beautiful cup pulls at the center of my design on the sliding closet doors are courtesy of you can use my discount: AURORABYJAC10 until November 30 to #outfityourhome too. 😍 Hardware pictured above are surface mount sliding door cup pulls, with a satin brass finish.

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