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ORC Week Two and Me

If I could say one thing about week two of the One Room Challenge is that it was a challenging experience. But….not in a bad way... just different.

I knew I had to get moving on the paint job in the living room. That is usually my biggest hurdle when designing a room. If I don’t have color, I feel incomplete. I had started the paint job early, knowing very well that I could only paint one wall at a time when Vienna was napping or if Brian was home. But in the last few weeks only three walls got done because you know, Not to mention sickness and a new medication. We all know that when we're sick, it puts a damper on our plans.

It was challenging because while trying another type of medication, I was battling waves of nausea and speediness. You see, I have always been treated for anxiety and depression, as well as a mood disorder and PMDD. Never until my recent visit with a new Doctor did I ever get diagnosed with ADHD. I mean, how I was as a child always seeking attention from my divorced parents, my impulsivity and my mood outbursts is proof enough. If I don't move around and work with my hands throughout the day, my mind is not quiet. The hyperactivity I've felt throughout my life has manifested as severe anxiety and the Dr. suggested to try a non stimulant to help ease the palpitations and help me refocus and be less anxious.

Suffering from post partum depression and birth trauma, I try to keep my mind off of the constant wandering thoughts throughout the day and DIY is therapy for me. Not only do I do it because I want to make my house rental feel like a home, but because it lessens my discomfort from an unaesthetically pleasing environment and makes me feel at ease when I look around and everything feels like it's falling into place (which right now it's totally not).

Getting through a project with anxiety and OCD is difficult to say the least since we can't do it all in one day. This is why this week's blog talks about how I cope with anxiety during projects especially feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated when my home is in disarray.

The morning I started the new medication, I was anxious and could not sleep, so I waited for Vienna to wake up and got to work with the sounds of the birds chirping outside the open window. It was quiet and peaceful and the only thought I had in the world was the sound of the brush on the wall. To keep the anxiety and racing thoughts at bay during a project (reel here):

  • I wake up and paint early, during naptime or after bedtime to get time alone.

  • If I’m painting one wall at a time, I make sure to get the lines as crisp as I can and not get any paint on the other walls so it doesn’t look messy.

  • I keep wipes close by to correct any mistake at the moment it happens so it doesn’t dry and I have to work extra hard to get it off later on.

  • I use my @woosterbrushcompany cutting brush every where I can as to limit the amount of mess to cleanup until I need to do the second coat.

  • I make detailed lists based on project needs and job as well as timelines by days and weeks. I cross them off when each one is done to feel accomplished and positive.

It's not easy struggling with motherhood, wanting to be who I am and do what I do without any interruption, giving myself grace and realizing there are days and times when I need to rest and just be with my family. It's a learning process and I feel blessed that I have my little family to help teach me how to slow down and smile.

What can you do throughout a project to help ease your stress?

Paint color is Sunwashed Brick by @behrpaint on walls and Pebbled Courtyard oops paint (slight tint change) on closet doors.

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