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Aurora by Jacqueline was established in 2018.  It was born out of the love of making a house a home, and cherishing the beauty around you no matter where you call home.

Founder/Owner -Jacqueline Rose Schowetsky

Interior/Holistic Designer, MSED in Special Education/Early Intervention,

Author/Blogger, Taekwondo Instructor

I want to create a space, a memory of a person’s life, a corner in the world that they can look at and be happy when they wake up in the morning.  Even Cinderella woke up and humbly took pride in her small space and it inspired her to sing “No Matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.”

A small corner to call your own is a haven that you can be proud of.  It’s a reminder of why you work so hard and why you make the choices that you do.  Learning to figure out your style is simple, you don't need to attach a label to it. It's allowing yourself to be drawn to certain objects, colors, fabrics and materials and then using them in your decor in a way that’s pleasing to your eye consciously and subconsciously. 


As a little girl, I would rearrange my room at odd hours of the night.  My mother would find me in the air conditioner on hot summer nights moving my furniture as quietly as I could, while trying not to wake my grandparents downstairs.  It was like a puzzle, I kept moving around the pieces until it fit and I felt at peace.


  I believe that decorating one's home is a labor of love.  Home takes time.  It's creating a functional, organized, safe and beautiful space that can affect your mood and mental health.  The labor can be intense, but it can be painless once you set aside the time to confront the clutter and claim the treasures you already have.  To learn to love your home again is to learn to love yourself and realize you shouldn’t be living in anything less than what makes you happy and content.  "Home is not a place, but a feeling furnished by the heart."

– Jacqueline  xoxo

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