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Week 5 Updates and Intentions

These past few weeks I’ve tried to live in the present moment. All the while living in the moment and enjoying my family, I also made time for myself to work on the living room for The One Room Challenge

I made time for myself to blow dry my hair, just sit on the couch and watch tv and get a workout in here and there when Vienna is playing or eating. It’s hard to juggle family, extended family, daily life, chores, friends and the constant loads of laundry. But what I have done to transform a cozy space in my home in the last five weeks has made me realize how far I have come this year. What I’ve been able

to accomplish through all of the struggle.

These past couple of weeks, I’ve been able to put up these beautiful brass sconces that I got at the flea market, and was able to diy a frame for the tv. I also worked on updating the closet doors with Stone Harbor Hardware. You don’t have to spend money on fancy finishes or decor or even an expensive frame tv. All it takes is a few materials and some time.

Updating your hardware is a great #renterfriendly way to improve the style and function of your home. I tackled these broken sliding closet doors in our living room. It’s the only closet we have in the house besides Vienna’s nursery closet so all things we use or need frequently is stored in here including linens, extra paper goods, sweatshirts, shoes, games and computer equipment.

The bottom floor guides were broken, the tracks were squeaky and the doors were chipped and had old finger cup pulls that didn’t match the aesthetic of the room.

A few months ago, I tried to wallpaper them and didn’t like the design. It was the wrong color and vibe that I had planned for the new living room design. When I ripped off the paper, it ripped some of the old paint off. I had to sand, prime and paint the doors. This time with @behrpaint Pebbled Courtyard. Funny thing is, I've used the same Color

On three different projects in this room with each one being oops paint at Home Depot. Even though they are tinted to change the color when people return them, they all work together nicely and you don't even know the difference.

When I added the new hardware from @stoneharborhardware I repaired the floor guides using new satin brass ones and added new surface mount cup pulls in satin brass also. I caulked, spackled, sanded and added another coat of paint. I have to say they came out better than I expected. It really improved the function and style of the doors and fit with the new aesthetic of the room.

Partnering with a company like Stone Harbor Hardware gave me the inspiration to improve the quality and style of our space with budget friendly and beautiful products. Stay tuned to see what I’m adding to the closet next!

Not many people can or want to take the time to make a house a home or even build things with their own two hands, but the love that lives inside it means more. These things are just the icing on the cake.

Love, Jacqueline

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