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Week 7 ORC: It’s the Little Things

This week was full of projects to take me into the home stretch. I can’t believe 7 weeks has gone by…or better yet, the last five months. 

This year's Spring One Room Challenge helped me settle into our new home. Moving back in December with a three month old, to a new place, with only one car for our family; I was stuck inside with the sole desire of making our house a home every second Vienna was napping. As she is growing and changing, so am I. With each project, I feel myself becoming better as it’s been a rough 8 months post partum on top of an rougher pregnancy.

This ORC helped me start fresh and build new memories with our little family. To make a new place feel like us and to feel pride in what I went through to get here and what I have intentions were clear, to cherish in every new memory and to make where we live functional and beautiful for us.

If you read my last blog and saw my recent social media posts, you know that I partnered with @stoneharborhardware and was #gifted these gorgeous knobs to help make my kitchen feel more put together. This partnership gave me a sense of pride. Not working with clients, made me feel like I wasn’t pulling my own weight in our marriage, even though I know that's not true but somehow; our mind plays tricks on us. Brian constantly reminds me I am doing the most important job for our family by raising Vienna and running our household.

Nevertheless, working with a company gave me that little bit of spark I needed to remember I was running my business my way while taking care of Vienna.

I had never changed a doorknob before and was nervous to do it on my own but they were very easy to install and immediately elevated the look of the space. They come with all necessary parts and directions (even detailing how to bore the holes in the door if you are starting with a new door).

If you have never installed one either: here are some quick detailed steps or can watch my video tutorial here .

  1. For the front door, first take off the old deadbolt and door frame strike, latch bolt and latch plate before taking off the doorknobs.

2. Insert the latch bolt in the door and

screw on the faceplate (*To make it

easier you can press in the latch bolt at the same time)

3. Insert the inside and outside knobs (or the deadbolt and key entry shown above ), and make sure to position the spindle correctly into the latch holes by pressing firmly against the door.

4. Put the screws in and tighten until the lock set is firm *Always make sure the doorknob works before trying to lock it.

This project helped to make my kitchen look more cohesive instead of having all the knobs mismatched. It's a simple way to pull the look together, like wearing matching shoes with a pretty dress and some sparkly earrings. Making a rental your home takes some time, but it’s your HOME.

Small projects like these can make your space feel more elevated. As renters, we get stuck thinking of ways to make our home our own without upsetting a landlord. Updating hardware is easy, if you don’t have new knobs or don’t want to take on the task of installing them yourself, you can always spray paint the existing ones and rub n buff the hinges to match like I did.

The little things really make a difference and working with what you have doesn’t cost much. It doesn’t have to be a complete renovation to see a difference.

Just like the little things make a difference within us, we don’t need a complete makeover…I like the template I was given;)

Love, Jackie xoxo

I want to thank Stone Harbor Hardware for letting me join their family and giving me that spark ❤️ They believe in the little things too. You can #outfityourhome too by checking out their products. Visit and use my discount code: AURORABYJAC10 for 10% off until June 30, 2023.

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