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All in a Day’s Work

If you just moved and are yearning to make your house a home but don't have the time, then you're not alone my friend.

Along with making our old rental a home the last year and a half, we got married and had our first child. Along the way there were memories made that will last a lifetime and you could see it just looking at the pictures and the personality of the space. When it was time to move to a new rental with more space, anxiety swept through me. Not having enough time in the beginning to paint and build is a given with a new baby, but even daily chores like laundry barely get done.

I need to see a space clean and organized. Tidiness brings me joy. One can say a clean home feels like someone isn't living there, but to me it's the opposite. It makes me feel like I can live and breathe in my space.

One thing that makes me happy is a cute laundry basket. You can laugh at me, I don't mind. Something pleasing to the eye, that holds dirty clothes is ironic. Sure I have cute baskets to hold them in, but when it's time to bring it down to the washing machine, I want something sturdy and easy to travel to the basement with, especially if it's overflowing like ours is.

I had won a giveaway contest on Instagram for Honey Can Do products. They have so many things that help organize your daily life. One of the few items I got included this laundry basket. I liked that I could leave this bag out while changing the laundry and not feel like I had a giant mountain of soiled clothes sitting in the middle of our bedroom. It's practical and good looking. I like the word 'Laundry' on it- in case I forget what is in there ;)

I'm looking forward to using the other products I received when I have the time to spare. Just like people say "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach," Organization leads the way to mine. It's the little things that make us happy right?

Love, Jacqueline

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