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Aurora By Jacqueline: ORC Week 3 and Me

Updated: May 7, 2023

Well... I feel like Week three has been a wash. Sometimes weeks are like that, sometimes days, sometimes months; even years. What I’m learning is that each day counts…each Moment. What you are able to do in the short time you may have to make a difference. For yourself, your family, your job and your well being; incorporating all those aspects.

I started off the week with the specific ideas that I wanted to check off for the One Room Challenge and only one was done.

Unfortunately, when money is tight you have to forgo certain projects to give leeway to the other more important things you need to buy for that time.

Luckily, I had the black rub n buff on hand for this project, so I didn’t have to buy anything else. However, painting the hinges of the doors black that face the kitchen is not enough for the impact I wanted. I wanted to spray the door knobs as well but then thought to myself, with the amount of spray paint I had left on hand and needing to buy more; I might as well just buy a $10 doorknob set from the local hardware store in black...And that costs money either way.

So the plan is, to finish all the hinges this week and when we get paid, buy the spraypaint I need for the next project, the wall paint and the paint for the hutch refresh. Do yourself a favor, I learned not to buy a gallon until I am truly sold on the color. A quart is all you need for most furniture flips as well as one tube of rub n buff. It really lasts a long time. Even a sample size gets about four feet covered.

The takeaway from this week, is that things don’t always go as planned. I’ve learned that the most when pregnant with Vienna. We expect things to happen and then when they don’t, we’re disappointed. We can only encourage ourselves to take change as gracefully as we can and don’t beat ourselves up when all we may be able to do is get through it. The hinges do look good though. ;) The paint is a little grainy, but way better than the white paint splattered silver hinges that were underneath needing a change for themselves.

Love, Jackie

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