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Happiness is a form of courage…

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

How we view ourselves is usually opposite of how the world views us. There are often times I think to myself ‘How does the world see me?’ Can they see I’m an honest person who helps people because it’s the right thing to do or that I am shy but use my outgoing personality as a defense mechanism for the thoughts of self-doubt that are truly going on inside my head? Do they think my life’s work is meaningless and foolish?

Whichever way they see me, it doesn’t matter. Does it matter to the sun that there is an envious moon waiting to come over the horizon? No it still shines just as bright. If my life experiences have taught me anything it’s that it doesn’t matter what others think of you. YOU are the person you’ve been looking for. I recently read a letter from the editor in Magnolia Journal by Joanna Gaines. She talks about being FREE. Like our children view summer as freedom, how do we view being free? I myself equate freedom with happiness. Freedom from negative thoughts and emotions. Free to be me and choose the path that I want to take in life to make me happy and feel fulfilled.

No matter what obstacles come block your path, stay on it. No matter what people say that gets under your skin, stay on the path. No matter what past experiences rear their ugly head and fill your head with doubt, stay on the path. Happiness is a form of courage for those who dwell in the dark. Freedom is a choice.

We can learn to feel chained by our insecurities or we can let them go and be free. Loving yourself is harder than anything we ever have to do in life. Accepting love is harder than giving love. Accepting yourself is harder than forgiveness. But why? We are the ones we are searching for. I love the quote “She wasn’t looking for a knight, she was looking for a sword.” And I found my sword. Although I’m a work in progress, I feel free to be me and accept what the universe has to offer. Accept that I’m free to make my own choices and stay the path despite what society wants me to be. Happiness is a form of courage and like the cowardly lion I finally found mine…

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