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How to Design a Boho Baby Shower

If one thing’s for certain, this summer has been a scorcher. All I ever wanted was to lay around in a pool with a pregnant belly throughout the summer months but... since we took down our family’s pool a few years ago... I was sadly out of luck :(

*On the plus side: Cue the wide open space to tent my grandmother’s yard for the baby shower. At least there was that lol

When my husband and I (above) knew we were due in September, my mother (also above pictured) immediately began thinking about Baby Shower ideas for late June, early July. Since my family had hosted parties in our backyard since the dawn of time lol we knew it would be there as well. The only thing we were worried about was rain, I wasn’t even thinking about how hot I would be 32 weeks pregnant in 90 degree weather. Last year we had my bridal shower in the same spot and unfortunately there was a monsoon that one day in April Here is the link on all of our wedding and shower blog details here Sooooo we were crossing our fingers there wouldn’t be a repeat rainstorm this July.

I had recently finished our Nursery Nook for our participation in the Spring One Room Challenge and fell in love with boho themed decor for Baby Vienna's Closet. Boho chic is a mix of different cultures and artistic expression leading to an eclectic design with an emphasis on natural fibers and textiles.

I began to incorporate different textures, greenery and wood into our home and only felt it appropriate to carry the theme to my Baby shower as well. We used the same tent company as before and have recommended their services to all our friends and family. If you’re in the Queens/Long Island area, B-Five Tent Rentals are a wonderful company. We ordered the tent along with 8 tables, linens, fans and sixty chairs. They are very reasonably priced and have great service.

I scoured Amazon for the perfect centerpieces as I didn’t want to use fresh flowers in the dead of the summer in the Concrete Jungle of Queens. We have tree shade at my mom’s, however, the humidity was really bad this July. I decided on faux greenery and pampass grass inside amber vases. (Link here for vases and pampass sold separately)

I used boho jute placemats we already had bought from Home Goods and wrote names on a mini chalk board. I wanted to keep the tables simple. I ordered these adorable Baby shower games from Etsy with muted pink rainbows on them for guests to play who knows mommy best and mommy or daddy? The boho rainbow theme was carried over to a basket for the diaper raffle from Five Below and the cute 'Oh Baby' banner also

From amazon. The Mini Letter Board was from Walgreens ( Full disclosure: not my hand holding the board lol It was my husband's when I was too lazy to get up and take pictures of it).

My brother had bought a tent for the backyard that was perfect to hold the presents inside and decorated it with faux eucalyptus garland. My aunt adorned the tent with the same muted Pinks and beige balloons on an arch for me to sit in front of and open presents with a boho printed pillow and a textured ottoman. My family loves to use what we have to decorate and thankfully each of our styles are closest to what the shower was going to be that we had plenty of decor to use to decorate.

We ordered pink plates as well as pink, white and gold silverware from Amazon and placed faux greenery around the yard from our own decor mostly from Target or HomeGoods. Most of the cookies were made by my aunt and cousin who is a head baker and my mother ordered all of the food from a breakfast place in town since I loooooove brunch items. We had eggs, bacon, sausage, french toast etc...the list goes on and now I'm hungry again!

The dress I wore was a maternity tie dye cami dress from SHEIN with earrings I made from crocheted pieces of yarn from Michaels. I adore the flowy dresses that I see other mamas to be wearing but frankly, I feel like I’m wearing a tent if it’s not hugging my bump lol.

It didn’t take much to create a boho baby shower (my brother- pictured with me above- was a huge help in helping me find the right pieces to create an eclectic but cohesive theme). There are so many ideas these days on Pinterest that I drew my inspiration from there (Link to my pinterest here with access to my designs and other pinned inspo boards). It’s important to know that when you are designing a party, or a room; you’re not copying exactly what you see. You are finding something you like and you are pulling inspiration from it. You want to be original and make it feel like you, not someone else’s creation.

Remember boho chic is inspired by bohemian and hippie influences. When you incorporate treasures from your travels, different animal prints, and colors with an emphasis on nature and organic elements, you are screaming your own version. Happy planning to you! Hope you find this helpful in creating your own special event ;)


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