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How to Paint a Scallop Wall…ORC Week 8

For part of the one room challenge, I wanted to paint a scallop wall to add some femininity to all of the linear lines in my kitchen. I had some textured projects, pictures and plants, but I needed some curved lines to make a difference in the space.

For the walls, I used two colors by Behr paint. The main walls of the kitchen I used Dove and then the feature wall behind the table nook I wanted a slight variation of the creamy taupey/beige called Gravelstone.

To make the scallops, I used Arya’s dog bowl and traced half the circle onto a pizza box. Then cut it out. I placed the stencil onto the wall above the trim and traced it with a pencil. I kept repeating on the length of the wall I wanted it to be featured. (If you don’t have existing trim like I had put up already, you need to make your line leveled across the wall to ensure the scallops are straight using a level or laser level.

Once I traced all of the scallops, I used a foam brush to fill in the curved lines of the scallops (with patience). If you don’t have a steady hand you can use the reverse part of your stencil cut out to paint between the lines of the scallop. I painted the rest of the wall with a double coat and I loved the result.

Scallops do not have to be kiddie or circus like. *Although I think this would’ve looked beautiful in Vienna’s nursery. The scallops added a boho touch to our kitchen, a curvy feminine accent to a very rectangular kitchen.

What little project can you add to make your space a little more dramatic?

Love, Jackie xoxo

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