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New Year in Color

New Year’s Eve has always been a weird time for me. I get nostalgic and sad for some reason. I had this conversation with my husband the other day and he spoke the opposite, he was grateful for making it another year and looks forward to all the great things to come.

I wondered why I had always felt sad on such an exciting day. I guess being an empath I think of all those who have lost loved ones, or are welcoming in the new year alone. It’s a strange feeling to know that your life ahead of you, one that hasn’t happens yet, is just within your grasp. One choice can make a huge difference in the trajectory of your life.

This new year I plan on making changes for myself and my family that I hope will bring me more happiness in doing what I love. What I love to do is create and inspire others. To use my story as a back drop for living your life in technicolor. On one of my recent posts, I spoke about we made the choice to finish painting our living room the dark blue we had on the adjacent walls. Our family and friends gave their opinions (solicited by me of course asking them) that it would make the room too dark. My husband and I agreed that we wanted to make the whole room feel cohesive and it brings a dark romantic and rustic feeling to the room. Its important when you decorate to have your living space feel cohesive and relaxing to you. To help inspire you and make you feel safe and secure. It’s hard to make those choices when you ask the opinion of others whether it’s about decorating or in a broader sense: life.

Not that there is anything wrong with other people and what they believe to be right. I always taught my students to accept others and their opinions even if they did not agree, and I promise to teach my future children the same… It matters how your decisions make you feel and affect you and your life. I tend to take what others say to be fact and forget my own thoughts and actions. I’ve let others sway my choices in life many times. I look back and see that I’ve always done what I wanted but I’ve held back a bit bc of looking too silly or thinking “what will everyone think of me if I did this?”

I’m so glad I have someone in my life pushing me to be me all the time. To see things in color and make decisions that are best for my happiness and my little family’s happiness. I’m working so hard to welcome this new year with open arms. I hope you choose to see things in color too.

xoxo- Jacqueline

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