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One Room Challenge Week Four and Pop Up Shop Prep

The Past four weeks have have been a whirlwind. When I decided to enter the One Room Challenge as a guest participant amidst getting ready for my debut in my new neighborhood community, I was hesitant but excited to tackle this new endeavor. It was a way to hold myself accountable for the furniture sale I am hosting this weekend. To prove to myself that I could multitask and take on anything life decided to throw at me. I was struggling with my anxiety towards the future and figured that making over my bedroom would keep my mind off wanting to begin a family and the nerves associated with pursuing my budding career as an Interior Designer. Little did I know how much I would grow in only a short amount of time.

While most of this past week/weeks were spent working on my furniture for the sale, I made sure to accomplish at least one thing on my ORC to do list. I figured spray painting my frames would take the least amount of effort and make my room seem a little more put together. It also took me down memory lane and reminisce about our beautiful wedding this past May and how much I appreciate the man I share my home with. Supporting me and my dreams is the greatest gift I could ever receive. I know I am not easy to deal with. As you know, running a business out of my home causes my OCD to kick in because I am living amongst boxes and furniture for future clients. This morning in particular before I wrote this blog and finished my last chair for the farmhouse table, I decided to clean my house as best as I could with the surrounding pieces I was to put out for the sale. The cleaning was my therapy and self care for the day. Self care comes in many different forms. I made sure I bought some fake spiderwebs to decorate my mantel when I went to Party City to order balloons for the sale and two small new pieces of halloween decor to add to my home on my errand run to CVS. Little things like this helped me feel less anxious throughout the week making sure I did something just for myself.

All that was left to do before Sunday was touch up an antique mirror that I had in storage, paint the last coat of black on the chair and write a few tag sale signs to accompany my professional company sign for the sale. To say I was exhibiting nervous excitement is an understatement. I wrote my to do lists and planned out my days, but when you run yourself down, you risk getting sick, so I made sure to take my time and forgive myself when I needed a break. I was my own boss after all. That's what I had always wanted wasn't it?

I had saved the farmhouse table for last because I knew I would need the entire week to work on it. I made myself laugh because it was the first time I ever worked with veneer on wood. I sanded down the top of the table and thought to myself "Why were spots in wood disintegrating?" I asked a few people including my husband and was embarrassed to have thought I could've stripped it to bare wood. But how could I have known if I didn't work with it before right? I was being hard on myself and was mad that I wasted a whole day sanding and bleaching when I could have been priming and painting and then moved on. But everything happens for a reason right? Obstacles get put in our paths to make us stronger individuals and I wasn't going to let this mistake slow me down.

When I finished the table I was in awe of myself. I had to add another step to fill in the veneer holes with wood filler, resand and then paint but I loved it. I couldn't believe I took on such a big project and actually finished it with my own two hands. Once this piece was out of the way, I was in the home stretch. Brian and I planned out the sale in the driveway instead of the backyard that evening with my outstretched arms instead of measuring tape of course. I wanted more people to see the sale from the road and feel welcomed by the decorations, refreshments and balloons. Sure I wanted to sell my furniture, but what I really wanted to do was introduce myself to my new neighborhood. I wanted to share in my journey with potential clients and inspire others with my designs the way I am inspired by others.

I want to write more about my feelings towards this Sunday, but I know I have more work to do. I look at the Featured Designers on ORC and my fellow guest participants and I am in good company when I say that we're halfway there. Lamenting over time seems to be a consensus. There is never enough time in the day, but somehow we make it work. I always thrived under pressure even though it tends to affect me physically. All I know is I am proud of how far I have come in my personal and professional life and look forward to this weekend and my future. Before I went to sleep the other night during the full Hunter's Moon, I wrote a gratitude list of all of the things I am grateful for in my life. The next morning I leaned on that list to handwrite my new website information onto my remaining pamphlets that I had made when I first left teaching and started my company. If that wasn't full circle, then I don't know what is. I hope to see you Sunday. Come take a look at my work and have some treats, I promise you there's no tricks ;)

xoxo- Jacqueline

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