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Week 4 Chronicles of the ORC

Ohhhhh we’re halfway there! Ohhhh livin' on a prayer! -Bon Jovi

It’s week four and we’re halfway done with the challenge. The finale really sneaks up on you. With four weeks left, I’m sorting through my list of the rest of the projects to complete for our kitchen refresh. As you know, renter friendly projects are my thing. One of the best and easiest things you can do to update your space as a renter is furniture. Do you have a piece that’s begging for new life? Is it screaming make me Pretty again? Then paint it and add new hardware! It’s as simple as that.

This week I made over my farmhouse hutch. When I first acquired this piece, it was a turquoise color and had a broken cabinet and Secretary pull out. I updated the shelving with a new piece of lumber and added a wood top, staining both a dark walnut. I painted it with an Art Deco paint called antique milk and put on new knobs. I loved it for the two years I had it in my old apartment but it was time for a change. To make it fit the new aesthetic of our rental home, I decided to paint it black. The color is limousine leather by behr. This made it feel more modern and fit with our boho farmhouse style of the kitchen. As part of the one room challenge, I knew I wanted to make a statement against the cream Gravelstone color wall. I think the black stands out with the gold hardware that looks like marble on the inside.

This week I also tried to update my utensil holder/jars to add to the decor on the hutch, but sadly... I left them out in the rain while drying. After some pouting, I walked away and vowed to return.

Instead, I hung up my antique frames with the vintage peony pictures inside that I spray painted and rub n buffed. I also made a small frame using my miter scissors and some leftover trim to cover the thermostat and make it look like a piece of art. Doing little

projects really make a difference in your space. It takes time to feel like your room has a flow, but making everything fit the space by adding colors that fit the scheme is a great way to show continuity.

I was even able to spray paint one of our door knobs with krylon chalkboard paint and update a frame for our floating shelf above our kitchen table. As I look back on this week, I realized I made a big dent in my progress. All the while Vienna is watching. Seeing her mommy create. Even as a 7 month old, I know she is taking in all of the colors and feeling the textures of the brushes I let her hold. I hope as she grows she is inspired by what she sees. I know she inspires me every day.

Love, Jackie xoxo

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