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Week 5 & 6 ORC and Me

For Weeks 5 and 6 of the ORC, I gave my time to other projects for our home and a couple of DIY Mother's Day gifts. Some weeks you don’t make many waves for progress and others feel like you hit the ground running. I guess that's how I feel being a new mother as well. Some days are smooth sailing and I check off my to do list and others...well they fall short.

This utensil holder was a small project I finished for the @oneroomchallenge to add texture to the refurbished hutch. If you watched my stories you know that I already completed this and another vase a couple of weeks ago and then left them out in the rain while it was drying by mistake. However...the new version looks great! No use crying over runny spraypaint.

In order to achieve this stone look and cover up the Rae Dunn Look (just not my style anymore):

1. I spread spackle with a putty knife

2. Sanded a bit when dried with a sanding block

3…then used textured stone spray and gray chalkboard spray paint by @rustoleum

I felt like this small project and the copper jars gave the new black hutch dimension and added to my overall modern/boho farmhouse look I have been trying to achieve. My style is very eclectic and ever changing and I love to repurpose old pieces and turn them into something new to save money and update my decor.

Try and look around your home for pieces like this you can transform to achieve a new look. Just like we feel fresh when we get a new haircut, so does your space.

As for the other projects that took the forefront of my last couple of weeks, I'm very proud of them. For Mother's Day, I built and floating shelf for my Mother and transformed an old vintage chair for my Grandmother's bedroom. I had redone a beautiful bench years ago for her, but it was recently broken beyond repair. This small flip made me feel like myself again. Flipping furniture like the hutch and the chair reminds me of why I love to do what I do.

This Mother's Day isn't just about the women in my life anymore, it's about the woman and mother I have become. A new person that I'm learning more about about every day. You could say I'm dating myself, learning how to cope with my new emotions and struggles. But I like what I see so far and I think I'll stick around to see where it goes ;)



Stay tuned for next week's social media posts and blog! I am so excited to say I partnered with Stone Harbor Hardware and was #gifted these beautiful doorknobs! Many of you may know that I already updated the hinges on my interior and exterior facing doors to the kitchen by using black rub n buff. Now, with their help, I will add to the cohesiveness of the new and refreshed space by streamlining all the doorknobs.

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